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The liability of the Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Limited does not commence until the proposal has been accepted and the premium paid and cover confirmed by Jubilee.


I/We do hereby declare that the above answers and statements are true and that I/We have withheld no material information regarding this proposal. I/We agree that this Declaration and the answers given above, as well as any proposal or declaration or statement made in writing by me/us or anyone acting on my/our behalf shall form the basis of the contract between me/us and The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Limited, and I/We further agree to accept indemnity subject to the conditions in and endorsed on the The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Limited Policy. I/We also declare that any sums expressed in this proposal represent not less that the full value of the insurable property mentioned above.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: You are applying for insurance cover and entering a legally binding contractual relationship so you must make sure you have all the key details and input them correctly when completing the proposal forms. NOT DOING THIS CORRECTLY MAY MEAN YOUR POLICY IS INVALID, which also means that any claim from that will not be paid. It is therefore important that you ensure your details are not just input correctly but that they are correct.